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Introduction to the Traditional and Simplified Character Converter:

Chinese is a language used by many people worldwide, and the choice of characters varies depending on the region.

The Traditional and Simplified Character Converter can convert Simplified Chinese (Mainland China) to Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong or Taiwan) or vice versa. It also offers Japanese Kanji conversion.

Differences in Terminology between Taiwan and Hong Kong

Taiwan and Hong Kong both use Traditional Chinese, but there are differences in terminology, such as "自行車" and "腳踏車" for "bicycle." This website provides partial vocabulary conversion and automatically converts when encountering terms not specific to the region. However, not all term differences are recorded, so it's advisable to double-check during use!

Japanese Kanji Conversion Mode:

Japanese also uses many Kanji characters, but the fonts are significantly different from Chinese, such as "亞" and "亜." This website can unilaterally convert Chinese Kanji to Japanese Kanji.

Evolution of Characters:

This traces back to thousands of years of Chinese history. If you want a deeper understanding of the evolution of characters, you can purchase an e-book: The Story of Characters

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