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How to use the YouTube comment sweepstakes tool?

The Youtube comment sweepstakes tool only needs to simply enter the URL of the video to get all the comments of the video.

The organizer can set various filtering conditions, such as date range, length of comments, and filtering of repeated comments. It is definitely a good helper for video creators to hold events. We will continue to improve the advanced functions of this tool in the future, so stay tuned!

What is YouTuber?

It refers to Internet celebrities who use the video website YouTube as their main activity base, or creators who post original videos on YouTube.

If you only share personal people, things, time, place, and things on social media, it is more appropriate to call it a "creator". If it is a professional official channel, it is not suitable to use this name. Although professional official channels will post more videos, the content created by individuals or small teams is more popular. Popular channels will occupy the vast majority of views on YouTube.

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