Date Calculator # Calculate Duration # Middle Date # Add Days

Count Days

Calculate the number of days between two dates or the middle of two dates.

Add Date

Enter a start date and add or subtract any number of days.

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What is a date calculator?

A: Want to know how many days are between two dates, or how many days after a certain date

We often encounter the need to calculate two dates, such as how many days are left from the end of the graduation trip to prepare for the college entrance examination, or how many days are left from today to the expected date of delivery. There is also an additional function to calculate the middle date. For example, you may want to ask your partner for a gift, but your birthday and anniversary have not yet arrived. You can calculate the middle date of the two, and then tell the other half that this is the middle date anniversary and you must remember it! The last function is date extrapolation, which can calculate the date of any number of days before or after, for example, you can calculate the 10,000th day after your birth.

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